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This game is played with three or more players. If there are not enough players for the game, anyone purchasing a card will be refunded the price of the card.


Game Card (1 Strip)

Each strip contains three (3) cards; each card has five (5) rows and (5) five columns. The numbers 1 to 75 are placed on the three cards as follows:

The first column “B” can only contain the numbers 1 to 15,
The second column “I” can only contain the numbers 16 to 30,
The third column “N” can only contain the numbers 31 to 45
The fourth column “G” can only contain the number 46 to 60, and
The fifth column “O” can only contain the numbers 61 to 75.

No number may be repeated on a strip therefore all 75 numbers will be displayed on the Strip.

Game Play

Numbers ranging from 1 to 75 are called/displayed one at a time. The numbers are randomly chosen and cannot be repeated after they have been called. If the called number matches a number on the player’s card, that number shall be marked by the player or by the computer if Auto Dab is chosen. Numbers do not need to be marked to count toward Bingo, they just need to be called.

There are multiple prize divisions. As soon as the prize has been won in a particular prize division, it is no longer possible for a player to win that prize division. Players will then play for the next prize division. If a player completes a full card within 53 numbers he/she will win the jackpot prize in addition to the corresponding division prize for that game. The game is over as soon as a winning pattern has been completed by any of the players for the final prize division. If several players complete a winning pattern on the same ball for the same prize division, they will share the normal prize and the jackpot, if applicable.

Winning Pattern

There is a different pattern for each of the prize divisions. The winning pattern for the current prize division is displayed on the game screen. Click the pattern area to display the winning pattern for all the prize divisions.


The game prize is dependent upon the number of cards purchased for that particular game. See the Prize Table button within the game for specific prize plan details for this game. If there is more than one winner in a prize division, the prize money will be divided evenly between the winners.

Note: Jackpot contributions are made during each game. Once the jackpot has been won, the jackpot pool is reset to zero.

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