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Who Is Atlantic Lottery? 

The four Atlantic provincial governments established Atlantic Lottery on behalf of all Atlantic Canadians. Our shareholders are:

  • New Brunswick Lotteries and Gaming Corporation
  • Nova Scotia Provincial Lotteries & Casino Corporation
  • Prince Edward Island Lotteries Commission
  • Province of Newfoundland and Labrador

Since 1976, Atlantic Lottery has returned more than $8.9 billion in profit back to our communities. Every day Atlantic Lottery’s employees demonstrate our shared commitment to social responsibility, operational integrity and to making a difference across Atlantic Canada. While job titles may vary, what is constant is the focus on helping to fulfill government’s mandate of player protection within a regulated environment. Together, we are ensuring that a steadfast commitment to the sustainable, long-term growth of Atlantic Lottery never compromises our commitment to strong governance principles.


Board Members


C. Sean O'Connor, Chair

Patricia J. Mella, Vice Chair

Dan Campbell, Secretary

Jean Brousseau

Janis Byrne

Les Barker

Jay Griffin

Bob MacKinnon

Nicole Picot

as of May 2017

Paula McDonald

Alyson Townsend

The Board of Directors

Each shareholder may appoint three representatives with voting privileges to the Board of Directors. An independent non-voting chair, appointed by the Board, oversees the Board’s meetings. Together they determine our strategic direction and corporate policies, guide business operations, and approve the annual business plan, operating and capital budgets. Assisted by the Audit Committee, the Board also monitors Atlantic Lottery’s internal controls and financial systems. 

Governance at Atlantic Lottery is determined by the Unanimous Shareholder Agreement between the four Atlantic Provinces, the Atlantic Lottery Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws, and the Canadian Business Corporation Act.

Overall duties and responsibilities of the Board include:

Strategic Planning & Budgeting
• review and approve, on at least an annual basis, Atlantic Lottery’s strategy and business plans;
• approve Atlantic Lottery’s annual operating and capital budgets;
• monitor the performance results of the corporation including Management’s implementation of the strategy and business plan.

Financial Matters & Internal Controls
• oversee (with the assistance of the Audit Committee) the management of the quality and integrity of Atlantic Lottery’s accounting and financial reporting systems, disclosure controls and procedures, internal controls and management of information systems;
• review recommendations from the Audit Committee on the appointment of the annual independent auditor for Atlantic Lottery and submit the recommendation to the Shareholders for approval.

Human Resources
• oversee Atlantic Lottery’s approach to human resource management, including Atlantic Lottery’s overall compensation policies and succession plans;
• approve the President & CEO’s compensation; 
• review compensation plans for Senior Management to ensure Atlantic Lottery can attract and retain qualified management.

Risk Management
• ensure Management has a process in place to identify and assess the principal risks to the business and to ensure the appropriate systems, tactics, and plans are implemented to effectively manage those risks. 

President & CEO Evaluation
• select, appoint and on a regular basis assess the performance of the President & CEO;
• develop and update the CEO job description and specific performance deliverables.

Independent Chair Evaluation
The Board has the responsibility to assess the performance of the Board Chair on an annual basis.

Corporate Governance
Monitor and oversee the effectiveness of Atlantic Lottery’s governance practices and ethical standards, including:
• the establishment of a corporate governance manual;
• the establishment of corporate ethical practices and standards, including a Code of Conduct, Anti-Fraud policy, Conflict of Interest Policy & processes for employees to elevate ethical concerns & issues.

Social Responsibility
• ensure that social responsibility practices are in place that are effective and that support Atlantic Lottery’s overall strategy and goals. Social responsibility practices are in the areas of research, employee program, retailer program, game design, remote gaming channels, advertising & marketing communications, player education, treatment referral, stakeholder engagement, reporting and measurement.

Board Performance Assessment
• ensure a process is in place to annually assess the effectiveness of the Board, the Board Committees, Board and Committee Chairs and Individual Directors and to address performance matters;
• ensure that formal and informal training opportunities related to Board skills and competencies are made available to Individual Directors as required.

Government & Stakeholder Communication
• ensure that Atlantic Lottery has a plan/policy in place to enable Management and the Board to communicate effectively with the government, stakeholders and the public in general;
• ensure the financial performance of the Corporation is adequately and promptly reported to the government and public; and
• report to the Shareholders on the performance of the company for the previous year.

Board Committees

There are three committees of the Board:  Audit Committee, Organizational Development, and Social Responsibility Committee and Governance Committee.  A high level overview of their purpose is as follows:

Audit Committee
The purpose of the Audit Committee is to assist the Board of Directors in fulfilling its oversight responsibilities for:
• The integrity of the Atlantic Lottery’s financial statements & related  information;
• Atlantic Lottery compliance with legal, ethical and regulatory requirements;
• The External Auditor’s qualifications and independence;
• The performance of the Atlantic Lottery’s Internal Audit function and External Auditors;
• AL’s processes to manage enterprise risk including strategic, operational and financial;
• The adequacy and effectiveness of internal controls; and
• Information Technology

Organizational Development & Social Responsibility (OD/SR) Committee
The first purpose of the OD/SR Committee is to assist the Board in fulfilling its obligations related to organizational development, human resources management and compensation matters.

The second is to provide a focus on social responsibility policies that will enhance Atlantic Lottery’s performance and to oversee Atlantic Lottery’s corporate social responsibility policy activities and outcomes.

Governance Committee
The Governance Committee implements and oversees Board and Committee assessment processes, makes recommendations regarding Board effectiveness, establishes and leads the process for developing director criteria and making recommendations related to candidates for appointment to the Board, and provides oversight and tools for ongoing director development and performance evaluation. The Committee also leads the Board Chair recruitment, performance review and succession management processes.


Senior Management Team


Brent Scrimshaw


President & CEO

Patrick Daigle


Chief Financial Officer

Jim Porter


Chief Operating Officer

Alison Stultz


Vice President, People

Martha Stevens


Vice President, Sales and Marketing

Kristin Killen 


Vice President, Information Technology

Tracey Cutcliffe  -

Vice President, Stakeholder Relations and Communications

 Jamie Davison -

Vice President, Digital Gaming & Innovation


Celebrating Atlantic Canada

Whether we’re sponsoring the festivals and events that define our communities, supporting the corporate events that grow our region– at Atlantic Lottery, it’s all done with the vision of making Atlantic Canada a better place. 

Click here to learn more about the events we’re supporting or to see if your event meets our sponsorship criteria.  



Where does the money go? We get asked that a lot! All profit goes back to our communities. Every penny. No exceptions. It’s used for things like social programs, roads, and education.

Gambling Support Resources
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