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Video Lottery

Video Lottery is a product which provides an interactive and entertaining way to play games of chance for the opportunity to win small cash prizes.

The Video Lottery Program in Atlantic Canada offers a variety of games including line games, poker games, and keno games.

Games and Payout Percentages

The minimum regulated payout percentage in Atlantic Canada is 80%.  This means that at minimum, 80% of all money played is returned to players in prizes, in varying amounts.  The payout percentage is higher than the actual cash-out percentage because consumers play the prizes they win in order to extend their play.

All of our games and payout percentages can be found below.

Games and Payout Percentages (NB)

Games and Payout Percentages (NS)

Games and Payout Percentages (NL)

Games and Payout Percentages (PE) 

We add two games about every three months to give players new choices in the games they choose to play. This is similar to introducing different Scratch’n Win tickets to provide a range of choices to the consumer.

Access to this information is just one of the benefits of a regulated gaming environment. ALC spends a great deal of time and effort to ensure players have access to information about our games so they can make informed choices about their play. We encourage players to call our toll-free line at 1-800-561-3942 or visit tips to keep it fun  to learn more about responsible gaming.


At times, new game launches are supported with promotions and contests which create awareness of the game and are fun and rewarding for our players.


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Celebrating Atlantic Canada

Whether we’re sponsoring the festivals and events that define our communities, supporting the corporate events that grow our region– at Atlantic Lottery, it’s all done with the vision of making Atlantic Canada a better place. 

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