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Corporate Transparency

ALC endeavors to be an open and transparent organization and makes many of its corporate records available to the public. The decision to post this information reflects our continued commitment to transparency. We are accountable to Atlantic Canadians and it is essential that we remain rooted in integrity, responsibility and transparency, which are the cornerstones of our success and continued public trust and confidence.

As we move forward, we're reviewing our operational information and posting those items that reflect and support the integrity of the organization. They will appear in this space with the aim of improved transparency of our operations and as part of our accountability to our shareholders, our players, and the people of Atlantic Canada. In addition, Atlantic Canadians are able to learn more about ALC by simply asking a question through 

ALC is not designated as a "Public Body" legally subject to Freedom of Information (FOI) legislation and regulations, however, ALC has always and will continue to comply with the spirit and intent of the FOI acts of Atlantic Canada. 

If you would like to obtain information about Atlantic Lottery and its operations please follow the instructions below:

What you need to do  

Step 1: Check our website

You may find the information you need by checking other areas of our website:

Step 2: Contact us

If you've checked our website and still can't find the information you need, call us toll-free at 1-800-561-3942, or e-mail us at


 Step 3: Submit an Information Request

If the information you need isn't available to you via Routine Access,  you may complete an Information Request.  Here's how:

All information requests must be submitted in writing, by mail, to the attention of:

Risk & Compliance Specialist
Atlantic Lottery Corporation
PO Box 5500, 922 Main Street
Moncton, NB E1C 8W6
Fax: 506-867-5450

Provide complete details to help identify the record(s) you are looking for.  To help us respond as efficiently as possible, please request only the record(s) you need.  Please include your full name, mailing address and telephone number so that we may respond to your application.  We may need to contact you to further clarify your request.

Step 4: Receiving the information you requested

ALC aims to respond to requests within 30 days of receiving the completed written application.

We will provide all of the information in the requested record(s), unless it is protected from disclosure due to reasons such as personal privacy or protection of another third party's business interests.


For more information please see our Corporate Transparency policy.


Celebrating Atlantic Canada

Whether we’re sponsoring the festivals and events that define our communities, supporting the corporate events that grow our region– at Atlantic Lottery, it’s all done with the vision of making Atlantic Canada a better place. 

Click here to learn more about the events we’re supporting or to see if your event meets our sponsorship criteria.  



Where does the money go? We get asked that a lot! All profit goes back to our communities. Every penny. No exceptions. It’s used for things like social programs, roads, and education.

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