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Introducing the New Lotto 6/49


The new Lotto 649

Introducing the New LOTTO 6/49!

LOTTO 6/49 – the same game that players know and love, only better!

So what’s new with LOTTO 6/49

  • A new $1 million prize that’s guaranteed to be won with each and every draw
  • Jackpots that start at $5 million
  • New free play prizes that can be won by matching 2 of 6 numbers
  • Price is $3 per play

With the new $1 million prize that’s guaranteed to be won with every draw, LOTTO 6/49 will be creating more millionaires every week! You still look to match up 6 numbers from 1 to 49 to win big jackpots or other great cash prizes, plus there are new free plays for matching just 2 of 6 numbers.  And with each $3 play, you will also receive a unique number exclusively for the new $1 million prize that is guaranteed to be won with every draw. 

What about ATLANTIC 49?

  • $25,649 guaranteed win every draw – ONLY in Atlantic Canada!
  • Still with $1 million top prize to be won –ONLY in Atlantic Canada
  • New $4 prize category for matching 2/6 + Bonus
  • Price is $1 per play

From September 15th, 2013 to March 31st, 2014 LOTTO 6/49 tickets are now eligible forour 2nd Chance Contest on!

Every LOTTO 6/49 ticket printed at retail will have a 2nd Chance Code on the ticket. Players can enter their code at for extra chances to win some great prizes; every $5 entered will earn 1 entry into the eligible draws. Players who purchase their LOTTO 6/49 tickets at will automatically be entered into the 2nd Chance contest with every $5 purchase.  All tickets entered into 2nd Chance will be eligible for Wave 3 and Wave 4 with a grand prize of $250,000

*NOTE: LOTTO 6/49 add-on games (Atlantic 49 and TAG) are also included in the price of the ticket (at retail and at


Celebrating Atlantic Canada

Whether we’re sponsoring the festivals and events that define our communities, supporting the corporate events that grow our region– at Atlantic Lottery, it’s all done with the vision of making Atlantic Canada a better place. 

Click here to learn more about the events we’re supporting or to see if your event meets our sponsorship criteria.  



Where does the money go? We get asked that a lot! All profit goes back to our communities. Every penny. No exceptions. It’s used for things like social programs, roads, and education.

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