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Scratch 'N Win
Top Prizes Remaining
Check below for a listing of Scratch'N Win games and their top prize availability.

Updated as of May 25

Game NameGame NumberLaunch DateTop Prize ValueNumber of Top PrizesNumber of Top Prizes Unclaimed
$100 MILLION $ FORTUNE90462014-09-031 000 000 $124
$50,000 JACKPOT27982015-11-18$50,00021
10X LUCKY28062016-01-06$50,00020
10X THE CASH27372014-07-23$20,00020
20X THE CASH27382014-07-23$50,00020
30X THE CASH27392014-07-23$75,00021
7 or 1127752015-10-14$20,00020
BINGO EXTRA27322014-06-25$50,00021
BINGO EXTRA27622014-12-17$50,00020
BINGO EXTRA27792015-06-24$50,00020
BINGO EXTRA27942015-12-16$50,00020
BINGO GO27702015-06-24$20,00030
BINGO GO27962015-11-18$20,00031
CASH BLAST27292014-05-28$20,00021
CASH EXPLOSION27192015-03-04$20,00021
CASH IN27242015-02-04$50,00020
CASH UP27772015-07-22$30,00022
CLASSIC OPAL27602015-01-07$50,00020
CLASSIC RUBY90432015-01-14$500,00061
CLASSIC SAPPHIRE27612015-01-07$20,00021
CLASSIC WHITE 290482015-06-03$500,00070
COUNTRY CASH28232016-05-25$30,00022
CRAFT SALE27912015-09-16$30,00020
CROSSWORD DELUXE27212014-07-16$30,00030
CROSSWORD DELUXE27452014-12-08$30,00030
CROSSWORD DELUXE27532015-04-22$30,00030
CROSSWORD DELUXE27782015-09-11$30,00050
CROSSWORD DELUXE27852016-01-28$30,00051
CROSSWORD SUPREME27572014-11-19$100,00020
CROSSWORD SUPREME27652015-03-25$100,00020
CROSSWORD SUPREME27862015-07-22$100,00020
CROSSWORD SUPREME28002015-11-18$100,00020
CROSSWORD SUPREME28112016-03-02$100,00031
DIAMOND PAYOUT90982015-09-30$1,000,000126
DOLLAR QUEST27352015-04-01$35,00020
EMERALD 7S28072016-02-03$77,77732
EXTREME MILLIONS90492015-08-05$1,000,0002514
FAST BUCKS28252016-05-25$5,00022
FAST BUCKS28272016-05-25$20,00022
FIRE & ICE27332014-05-28$50,00020
FLAMING 7S27972016-01-06$17,77721
FLASH CASH28102016-02-17$20,00021
FRUIT EXPLOSION27722015-04-29$50,00020
GIFT PACK27202014-09-29$30,00020
GIFT PACK #276327632015-04-27$30,00020
GIFT PACK27932015-12-29$30,00021
GOLD FORTUNE27512014-10-01$50,00020
HIDDEN EVIDENCE27402014-08-20$30,00021
HOLIDAY MEGA PACK90472014-11-05$125,00021
HOLIDAY MEGA PACK90972015-11-04$125,00021
LOTTO MAX27892015-07-22$100,00051
LUCKY 726632014-07-18$7,77720
LUCKY 726642014-10-30$7,77720
LUCKY 727412015-01-23$7,77720
LUCKY 727422015-04-29$7,77720
LUCKY 727432015-08-04$7,77721
LUCKY 727442015-11-06$7,77720
LUCKY 728042016-02-04$7,77721
LUCKY 728052016-05-09$7,77722
MEGA FORTUNE27482014-09-03$20,00021
MERRY MONEY27562014-11-05$50,00021
MONEY MENU28152016-04-20$50,00020
MONEY VAULT28142016-04-06$30,00020
MORE LUCKY LINES27842015-08-19$55,55520
ONYX 827882015-09-16$88,88821
POTLUCK27062015-02-04$30 00030
ROYAL 726982014-11-19$17,00020
ROYAL FORTUNE27472014-10-01$30,00020
ROYAL SPINS27692015-04-01$50,00020
ROYAL TREASURE27342014-06-04$200,00062
S4C BINGO27302014-06-25$30,00020
S4C BINGO27312014-12-10$30,00020
S4S CROSSWORD DELUXE27222014-07-16$30,00020
S4S CROSSWORD DELUXE27462014-12-03$30,00020
S4S CROSSWORD DELUXE27542015-04-13$30,00021
SET FOR LIFE90942014-11-28$675,00040
SET FOR LIFE90952015-05-11$675,00050
SET FOR LIFE90962015-11-24$675,00042
SHIMMERING 7'S27592014-12-03$77,77721
SILVER BELLS90992015-10-28$150,00053
SNOW CASH27582014-12-03$30,00020
SNOW DOUGH28012015-12-02$33,33321
STOCKING STUFFER27552014-11-05$30,00020
SUPER 7S27762015-05-27$77,77720
SUPER CROSSWORD27362014-08-20$50,00020
SUPER CROSSWORD27742015-04-29$50,00020
SUPER CROSSWORD27952015-10-14$50,00020
SUPER CROSSWORD28172016-04-06$50,00020
SUPER PACK26502015-02-11$50,00031
SUPER PACK27802016-01-11$50,00033
THUNDER CASH27682016-05-04$50,00022
TIC TAC 227712015-04-29$20,00020
TREE TIMES27992015-11-04$30,00022
TRIPLE PLATINUM40022016-04-06$500,00064
ULTIMATE 827662015-03-04$88,88820
WILD JOKER27902015-08-19$22,22220


Are there other prizes left?

This list indicates if all top prizes have been claimed on our Scratch'N Win games.

ALC pulls games when the top prizes have been claimed for games that feature significant or unique top prizes that represent a significant percentage of the total prize pool. To date these games include Set for Life, Christmas for Life, and Instant Millionaire.

For other games where the Top prizes make up only a small portion of total prize pool, ALC does not pull those games.

For details on other prizes available on these games contact Lottery Support Services at 1-800-561-3942. ALC will regularly update this information based on current prize claims made to ALC.

*ALC cannot ensure the accuracy of the information found on this page since prize claims are made on an on going basis. Top prizes make up to 1 to 3% of the total prizes available to be won on instant tickets.

How long do you have to claim a prize on a Scratch'N Win ticket? Regional scratch tickets don't have an expiry date. National scratch tickets or tickets created with other jurisdictions may be subject to expiry. If they are, it will be clearly printed on the front of the ticket.

ALC will regularly be updating this information. If your ticket is not on this list, please contact Lottery Support Services at 1-800-561-3942.


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