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Sponsorship Program

Just like you, we love to call Atlantic Canada home. And we love what comes with it: a good kitchen party, a good cause or a good get together! Our sponsorship program lets us be involved in some of the causes and events that matter to Atlantic Canadians.  While it’s impossible to accept every request, each year we partner with numerous organizations who share our desire to make Atlantic Canada a better place and celebrate where we live.     

Atlantic Lottery’s sponsorship program offers two distinct types of support:

Summer Festivals and Events:
A little smaller but no less important, are the events where communities come together. Think local festivals or events featuring food, entertainment and family fun. Community celebrations let us experience all that is uniquely Atlantic Canadian. When the fit is right, we’ll be there, jumping in to help celebrate.

*Our application process  is  now closed for the 2017 Summer Festivals and Event Season, however, we do encourage you to check back  later this year on our  2018 Sponsorship Program.

Atlantic Lottery is proud to be sponsoring 150 Summer Festivals and Events across  Atlantic Canada this  summer and look forward to hearing all the stories from each of and every  one.  Check  out  our Website in May for a full listing of our 2017 Summer and Event Program.

Corporate Events Support:
Sometimes giving back to our communities means supporting other corporate citizens who hold special business-related events. Think corporate dinners featuring special guests, corporate golf tournaments with a charitable element, or activities where the corporate sector congregates in support of a common cause. When the fit is right, we’ll be there showing our support.







Guidelines for Applications

 The evaluating process usually takes about 6 to 8 weeks – sometime longer!


Funding Restrictions:

While, we love being part of Atlantic Canadian celebrations that meet our guidelines, some restrictions do apply. We aren’t able to fund: 


  • Grants, Scholarships or bursary programs
  • Cash or merchandise donation requests
  • Religious institutions or organizations
  • Conferences, symposiums, assemblies or trade shows
  • Individuals
  • Individual sport or recreational teams
  • Travel expenses, trips or tours
  • Advertising for fundraising or event support
  • Personal family gatherings or friends events
  • Scholarship or bursary programs
  • Education institutions or programs
  • Capital projects or campaigns
  • Unregistered, not-for-profit organizations
  • Political organizations and candidates
  • Lobby or advocacy groups
  • Construction, renovations or purchase of buildings or properties
  • Vehicles, recreational or equipment purchases
  • Events outside of Atlantic Canada
  • Charitable walks, runs or similar activities
  • Debt reduction or operating expenses
  • Professional societies

Guidelines for application

*Festival and event sponsorship applications for the 2017 Summer Program must be submitted by March 31, 2017. You will be advised on the status of your application by April 30, 2017.

If you’ve read through the time requirements and funding restrictions and your event still seems eligible for sponsorship consideration, you’re ready to apply!

Your application will be assessed on its own merit but remember you are also competing against other applications.  In order for us to be able to thoroughly evaluate your application, please attach any pertinent documents (i.e.: sponsorships benefits, sponsorship levels, sponsorship overview) that can help us best understand what your event is all about.

If your request is for support of your festivals and events sponsorship, etc, please complete this form.
If your request is for support of a corporate event sponsorship, please complete this form.


Celebrating Atlantic Canada

Whether we’re sponsoring the festivals and events that define our communities, supporting the corporate events that grow our region– at Atlantic Lottery, it’s all done with the vision of making Atlantic Canada a better place. 

Click here to learn more about the events we’re supporting or to see if your event meets our sponsorship criteria.  



Where does the money go? We get asked that a lot! All profit goes back to our communities. Every penny. No exceptions. It’s used for things like social programs, roads, and education.

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