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LOTTO 6/49 $1 Million Guaranteed Prize Goes to Cumberland County Co-workers

Second Cumberland County millionaires in a month

Moncton, (NB) – Pete McCathie of Amherst Shore and Diana Miller of Amherst, N.S. are co-workers who purchase a LOTTO 6/49 Combo 4 lottery ticket together every week. They recently found out that they were the winners of the LOTTO 6/49 Guaranteed $1 Million prize from the July 15, 2015, LOTTO 6/49 draw. 

Pete owns the store where he purchased the ticket and where he and Diana both work, Diana as a baker. When asked how she reacted when Pete told her they had won big, Diana said, “Maybe I won’t ask him for a raise this year!” 

Pete says that he’ll use his winnings to pay off some debt, and maybe take a few days off now and then, which will let him pursue his passions of cooking and fishing. Next year, he and his wife will celebrate their thirtieth anniversary, so they may go on a second honeymoon, possibly to Ecuador. 

Diana’s plans are not set, though she has decided on one thing, “As soon as I get cold, I’m going to Cancun for a holiday!” She’ll continue to work though, as she loves her job, and spend time on her farm.

Pete and Diana purchased their ticket at the store where they work using the Retailer Play button. That indicates the ticket purchase has been made by a lottery retailer or a retail employee. 

“When purchasing draw-based tickets, our lottery retailers and retail employees are encouraged to stamp their tickets using the Retailer Play button on the lottery terminal,” says Jay Merritt, Manager of Risk Management & Investigations at Atlantic Lottery. The stamp helps protect players and retailers from any disputes regarding ownership. “We are pleased that these winners used the button; in the absence of using the Retailer Play stamp, any related party wins are subject to a minimum 30 day review.”

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The winning ticket was sold at the Amherst Shore Country Store in Amherst Shore, N.S. The retailer will receive a 1% seller’s prize.  

Pete and Diana’s win is the second recent millionaire win in Cumberland County. Helen Fortune of Oxford Junction won $1 Million on the June 17 LOTTO 6/49 draw, exactly four weeks earlier.

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