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LOTTO MAX For the draw of September 26, 2014:

Bonus: 33

Twist Win by matching LOTTO MAX
winning numbers among your
shaded numbers (bonus
number does not apply).*

TAG 682041


 *TWIST: You can have the same number appear more than once on your TWIST selection. For example, if the number 34 is shaded twice on your ticket and the number 34 is drawn, this counts as having matched 2/7 TWIST numbers correctly.

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LOTTO MAX Prize Payout

Prize Payout of LOTTO MAX

MatchNumber of PrizesPrize Amount
7 of 7 0 $15,000,000.00
6 of 7 + Bonus 0 $328,551.80
6 of 750$6,571.00
5 of 73,293$124.70
4 of 773,288 $20
3 of 7 + Bonus67,743 $20
3 of 7653,637 Free $5 Ticket

Prize Payout of Twist

MatchNumber of PrizesPrize Amount
7 of 7 shaded numbers 0 $107,000
6 of 7 shaded numbers1 - Bedford, NS
1 - Clarenville, NL
1 - Lunenburg Co., NS
5 of 7 shaded numbers126 $107
4 of 7 shaded numbers1,618 $17
3 of 7 shaded numbers11,469 $3

Prize Payout of TAG

MatchTAG NumbersNumber of PrizesPrize Amount
All 6 Digits6820411 - Kings Co., NS
Last 5 Digits820411 - Halifax Co., NS
1 - Paradise, NL
1 - Queens Co., PEI
Last 4 Digits204117 $100
Last 3 Digits041190 $20
Last 2 Digits412,224 $10
Last Digit121,895 $2
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* In the event of a discrepancy between this report and the official winning numbers report, the latter shall prevail.

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Betty Skinner
Moncton NB – Atlantic Lottery is thrilled to congratulate Betty Skinner of Dartmouth, NS. She won $328,169 on Lotto Max from the July 25, 2014 draw date.
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